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News Monitoring and Aggregation

We monitor all the News services around the World for articles, alerts, items and images specific to a particular region, service, product and persons. 
When an appropriate item has been found we then post those items to your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram accounts anytime of the day, 7 days a week.


Social Media Management

We can set up your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and provide appropriate content and timely engagement with your customers while you are busy running your organization. 
When you are ready, give us one month's notice and we'll hand over full control to you.


Too Busy for Social Media?

WE manage Social Media accounts for those who want a professional look and timely response on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram services.
We provide this service to companies and organizations, large and small, who don't have the resources to engage with their customers 24/7.


Some of our Managed Services

Kred Social Media User Service
Whitsundays Online News, Travel
News, Travel
Queensland Online News
Bladeslapper Helicopters
Roam Media Media Management


A Klout score is a number from 1 to 100 that reflects the user’s social media influence, calculated based the user’s levels of reach and engagement with their audience—the bigger the influence, the higher the score. While Klout is the most straightforward way to evaluate someone’s social media influence—you can’t argue with a number—it doesn’t provide you with many other numbers to justify the score. Other social media influence measurement tools often don’t give a conclusive verdict, but instead show you the statistics on metrics such as reach, engagement, sentiment, number of retweets, and let you make up your own mind about that user’s level of influence.

Similar to Klout, Kred also gives your social media account a score. The score is composed of influence and outreach: influence is based on the amount of mentions, retweets, and replies to you, and outreach relies on mentions, retweets and replies sent by you. This social media influence measurement tool displays the Global Kred by default, but you can also see the breakdown of your Kred score based on different fields in case you want to increase your influence or reach to a certain kind of professional. You can also endorse other users by giving them Kred, which increases their Global score.


What is social media influence?

Influence is the Ability to Drive Action.
You are not more influential because you tweet or use Facebook more.
You are influential because you have an influential audience engaging with your content.

Using neutral, third party organizations like Klout and Kred will give you a better idea on who is really providing the most popular and engaging social media services in the Whitsundays.

Back in the early days of the web, influence was evaluated based on the number of pageviews displayed on your fancy counter widget. The arrival of Facebook and Twitter gave us more to measure: the size, reach and resonance of the social media audience.

Criteria that make up someone’s social media influence haven’t changed much over the years; what has changed is the value of having power in an online community. Once business owners and employers recognized social media as a multipurpose business tool, social media influence became the way organizations evaluated potential employees, and gaining that influence became a top priority for social media professionals—in turn, creating new jobs.

Social media influence matters on multiple levels. For businesses, online influence signals better engagement with customers and a smarter social media strategy. On an individual level, social media influence can be a sign of advanced digital skills and an ability to create interesting social media content.

To break this down further: for business owners, a better social media influence of the company social accounts can improve their brand’s visibility in the online community and increase the reach of their social messaging. This is an implicit purpose behind investing valuable resources into a social media team or a social media manager.

Just a few years ago, we didn’t know how to measure how “good” someone was at social media beyond the number of Twitter followers or Facebook friends on their account, or the number of likes or favourites they received on an average post. Now, we have more meaningful metrics such as reach and engagement that allow us to assess how well someone manages their social networks. There is also a wide selection of social media influence measurement tools, each offering a slightly different method of evaluation of social media worth.

*Edited from original article by Olsy Sorokina

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We monitor thousands of News and Information sources around the World and then filter them into specific regions and subjects. The most appropriate items for an organization are then posted to their Social Media accounts: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We provide this service to our cutomers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to our sources and resources world-wide.


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