Fares and Services Comparison

ROAM is the only service that provides rides in the Gloucester District.
Our prices are cheaper than a Taxi, or Uber, Ola or Didi . . . if they operated here.


Fare Roam Uber Ola Didi Taxi
TownRide is a $10 ($15AHrs) point-to-point fare within the Gloucester Metro Area - Map
Day: 8am to 8pm | Night: 8pm to 8am | *Surge = 170% - can be up to 800%.
Fare Calculation
Fixed Price, Pre Quote or
Flagfall + Time + Distance
Flagfall + Booking Fee + Time + Distance + Surge Flagfall + Booking Fee + Time + Distance + Surge Flagfall + Time + Distance + Surge Flagfall + Time + Distance
Fare Comparison:
Showground to Golf Club 4km 5min
$10 $16 $14.60 $11.28 $26
Night/*Surge $15 *$28.20 *$25.80 *$19.18 $29.68
Flagfall Day $3.50 $2.90
$2.50 $1.98 $4.10
Night/*Surge $5.25 *$4.93 *$4.25 *$3.37 $4.60
Surge Pricing no Yes - up to 800% Yes Yes No
Booking Fee no fee $0.85 $0.55 $0.50 $2.50
Minimum Fare
(+ included distance)
Day $10 (4km) $8.80 (2km) $9 $6.98 $8.60
Night $15 (4km) $8.80 (2km) $9 $6.98 $8.60
Rate per Minute $1 $0.61 $0.60 $0.34 $0.96
Per Kilometre Day
$1.52 $1.70 $1.82 $2.26
Night/*Surge $2.25 *$2.59 *$2.89 *$3.09 $2.63
Out of Area (20+km) +$1/km not available not available not available +$0.87/km
Maxi Taxi (5-11 passengers) +10%/pax limited to 6pax limited to 6pax limited to 6pax 150%
Cancellation Fee $10 $8 $10 $6  
Clean $100 $150 $150 $80 $120
Deliveries Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Dogs Yes Assistance Only Assistance Only Driver Discretion Assistance Only
Cash Yes No No No Yes
Cards Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Paypal Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Invoice Yes No No No No
Childseats No No Some Some Some
Airports Yes Some Some Some Yes
Discounts Yes New user only Refer Refer No
Driver's Commission 100% 72.5% 85% 90% Variable


Point to Point Transportation

Point to point transport includes all flexible transport services in a vehicle with 12 seats or less (including the driver) that can take customers on the route they choose, at the time that suits them, for a fare. Point to Point transport includes:
* Taxis
* Hire cars
* Tourist services
* Community transport
* Rideshare services (Roam)

In NSW, there are two categories of service providers - these are companies that can legally receive bookings and despatch them to drivers:
* Taxi service providers
* Booking service providers (Roam)

Upfront fare estimates
All booking service providers must provide you with an upfront fare estimate before your trip commences.

Pre-paid fares
If your driver asks, you’ll need to pay an upfront fare before the trip begins, and either pay the balance or receive a refund at the end of the trip.

Passenger Service Levy
All point to point transport service providers need to pay a temporary $1 Passenger Service Levy on all trips (including taxi, hire car and rideshare) taken in NSW, to help people like mums and dads and retirees who have put their lifetime savings into the industry and are now doing it tough. The levy is funding an industry adjustment assistance package.

Article: Rising cost-of-living pressures and low rates in regional areas are making rideshare services unprofitable for drivers

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