Wine Tasting Tours in Gloucester, on the MidCoast / Upper Hunter, NSW Australia.

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Gloucester District Vineyard Tours

Let us take your group (or just you) wine tasting at Gloucester District's best vineyards.

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Gloucester River Vineyard

Preservative free, chemical free and traditional wine making methods that stand the test of time.


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Mograni Creek Estate

Mograni Creek Estate was established in 1998 with the initial plantings of the Chambourcin red varietal.


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Faulls Ridge Wine

Faulls Ridge is a boutique winery that first planted their vines in 2005 and produce Verdelho, Rose and Chambourcin/Shiraz wines.


Gloucester District Vineyards
Gloucester River Vineyard
Faulls Ridge Wine
Mograni Creek Estate
Villa d'Esta

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Villa d'Esta

Villa d'Esta Vineyard was established in 1997, with both table and wine grapes being planted by family and friends.


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Hillview Herb Farm

Herbs don't just taste good and look the part - they are also an essential part to the health and diversity of any good food garden.


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Currently we have just one vehicle - a minibus that can carry up to 11 passengers.
We're On-Call 8am to 8pm. Rides are available outside these hours if they have been prebooked.

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Wine Tasting Tour Prices

Prices are for groups up to 10

  Hours ≤4pax Extra
1.Gloucester River 2-3 $80 +$25/p
2.Mograni Creek 1.5 $80 +$25/p
3.Faulls Ridge 2-3 $80 +$25/p
4.Villa d'Esta 3-4 $100 +$25/p
1*+3* 4-6 $120 +$25/p
1*+2, 2+3* 5-6 $120 +$25/p
1*+4 or 4+1* 5-6 $150


1*^+2+3* 7-8 $150 +$30/p
1*`+4+3* 7-8 $200 +$30/p
* nibbles
^ 30mins lunch break
` eat lunch enroute



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02 8002 4777


You can book us via a Phone call or SMS on 040 19 777 91, or via our APP.


About Us

roam is a RideShare service owned and operated from Gloucester, NSW Australia. We are part of Roam Transport.

We provide maxi taxi style services, shuttle and courtesy bus operations, airport, coach and railway station transfers, and private hire.

We specialize in getting individuals and small groups in and around the Gloucester District, Upper Hunter and the MidCoast.

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